Dear Shoreline Community,

It is with great excitement and anticipation that I welcome you to join me in moving forward into our 2022-2023 school year.  On behalf of the Shoreline staff and our Board of Trustees, I want to let you know how grateful we are to serve such a diverse and vibrant  community in the education and development of our students.  Personally, as I begin my second year as your superintendent, I look forward to learning from my experiences over the last year to help us build on our successes, and continue to evolve as an organization that is focused on the academic and social emotional growth of our kids.  Additionally, I am eager for us to work closely as a community to ensure a comprehensive level of support for all our students.

Before we begin the year, I want to thank all who have helped us over the summer in preparation for our 2022-23 school year.  The teachers, family advocates, food service staff, and transportation staff who have worked to ensure that there was summer programming to keep our students engaged in learning throughout July.   Our maintenance, custodial, and grounds staff who have cleaned, organized, refurbished, and renewed our facilities so they are ready for our return.  The district office staff, who keep our organization moving forward through the summer months, have welcomed new staff and new ideas to help increase our ability to support our school communities.  All of their efforts should be recognized for the ongoing impact they have on ensuring that we are ready to open schools in August.

The rest of our staff will be returning over the next couple of weeks.  On August 17, we will celebrate the first day of the new school year.   We will remain focused on the academic and social emotional goals that we have outlined in our LCAP.  In addition, we will continue to evaluate and update our safety policies and procedures at each of our school sites.  We will engage in a districtwide discussion about planning to develop each school site into a Community School, and the partnerships that this would entail.  We will revive our Shoreline Wellness Advisory Committee, with a renewed focus on our food service program.  We will welcome new students, staff, and families onto our campuses, and look for ways to increase on campus engagement and celebration while still ensuring that we are all sharing the responsibility for the health and safety of our community.  

You should expect to receive more site specific information about the upcoming school year from your site principals.  Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact your school site.  

In 2022-23, we will continue to support each other, and keep our students safe, healthy, and thriving, by working together and communicating.  I remain impressed by the resiliency of our students, the energy and compassion of our staff, and the commitment of our parents. I look forward to another year of working with you all to continue to move our district forward, better and stronger for our students.

See you very soon,

Adam Jennings


Shoreline Unified School District